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Clutter American Spirit Red - New cigarettes for Fallout 3


American Spirit Red
New Cigarettes complete with Pack and Box!

Author:    Lila Mue

Version:    1.1
Speech:    -
Size:     915 Kb
Requirements:    Fallout 3

This is a Cigarette-Replacer! I made an "American Spirit Red" cigarette-box, the cigarette-pack and the original "American Spirit" cigarette.

Version 1.1: Now there is an optional, more dirty texture included!

  • extract the files to your ...Programs\Fallout 3\Data\ -folder
  • Archinvalidation must be activated!

Incompatibility:    With other cigarettes!


Feel free to use my textures, as you wish, but do not upload this mod to any other sites. For using the mesh please ask heavywaters! This plugin is not intended for commercial use and should not be used as such.

Tools used:
  • Nifskope
  • Gimp

  • Bethesda - for this wonderful Game and the GECK
  • NifToolsTeam - for their work on the Nifscope
  • TheGimpTeam - for their work on this free tool
  • Jobra888 - for the perfectly made photos of the "American Spirit" cigarette-pack
  • Heavywaters for the plugin "AC Cigarette Box" from which I used the mesh of the pack and the better texture as base


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